We at professorbuddy decided to create a web testing portal for Professors; it seemed such portals are needed that it helps Professors focus on their students. We desired something that is simple yet powerful, easy to use yet universal - makes the Professor the hero.

We think there's a better way

We believe there is a better way than paper, pencil, and score cards....Teaching is one of the most time intensive, demanding and stressful professions out there. Teaching consumes most of the time of coaching classes and refrain them from taking test on regular intervals. We have listed some important reasons why professorbuddy can help you focus on your students and save time.

Reasonís to use professorbuddy.com

Learn how Professorbuddy can help you focus on your students and save time.

1. Preserve Time
Professorís will save a lot of time taking test in the class premises and can utilise the same time teaching the course.

2. Save resources
Professorís can avoid the dilemma of setting up exams, test papers and correction of test papers, arranging a supervisor etc.

3. Pinpoint Focus
Professors will have a tool which will enable them to focus more on individual students. A one of its kind backend for Professors will be provided to them which can be viewed anytime anywhere online.

4. Monitor detailed results
Professorbuddy analytics lab will enable Professorís to view detailed analysis of every test appeared by the student. It will help Professors to enhance focus on teaching techniques.

5. Batch wise login
We provide batch wise login to individual student as to create an competitive environment and ease for Professorís to monitor each batch. Professorís get batch wise backend and reports to view print and export in excel.

6. Reach the Masses
Any Professor with rich experience in the education industry wishes to share content for a particular course or exam can join us on revenue sharing basis as agreed upon and spread the reach to more audience through the web.

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