Superior Quality Content, Topic & Section wise, Super 10 Tests by experts
Canvas Comparative Analysis, Get your score against class buddies and toppers
One Page Analytics, Get dissection of your skill on multiple parameters
Wrong Answers Basket, Review all past wrong answers anytime.
Improvement Graph, It will show your improvement with every test appeared
Broader Analysis, Analysis subject-wise, skill wise, question  wise concept - wise
Time Guidance Marker, Identify questions that take most/least time
Hit The High Spots, Know your weak areas so as to concentrate effort to achieve high spots

Analytics Lab

" current focus on analytics relates to reducing attrition or student dropouts. This is the low-hanging fruit of analytics. An analysis can provide early indications of which students are at risk for dropping out. By recognizing these students and offering early interventions, coaching classes can reduce failure dramatically "


It is an tool for professor and students to prepare them for competitive and professional exam's with superior quality content and detailed analytics.We created this 10 step tour to demonstrate how easy it is to start using for students to excel and make testing process simplified for institute and professor.

For Professor

We desired something that is simple yet powerful, easy to use yet universal - makes the Professor the hero ........

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