is a hi end test portal which allows students to prepare themselves for competitive and professional exams. It is an tool for professor and students to prepare them for competitive and professional exam's with superior quality content and detailed analytics.

We created this 10 step tour to demonstrate how easy it is to start using for students to excel and make testing process simplified for institute and professor.

We encourage institute to join us and visit our plans and pricing page for further details.

Professorbuddy is Swift

Why wait hours, for page to load while you giving an exam online? With professorbuddy you can give exam, get score, analytics, and assessment data with professionalism in only a few short minutes.

Your data and content is safe

Our product and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall and all sensitive data includes SSL and AES encryption.

What web browser works with

Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, and Chrome 4+ with Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher.

Any questions before you sign up?

If you have questions about or the sign up process just submit a support request and we'll get right back to you.

Professorbudyy offers an exam with similar pattern and marking scheme as designed by the institutes and governing bodies.

Select a course under demo test section

You can choose the course you want to peruse and take a demo test of available subject or chapter test.

Fill up elementary details

Please enter name, email, mobile details and select subject.

Indicative Timer

Specific amount of time will be allotted to students to complete an exam. Students will see a bright green timer that slowly fades to red as the time runs out. Once a student begins an exam, the timer continues on even if the student logs out.

Receive auto-notifications

Students to receive email notifications the moment a student register for demo test. Students receive email confirmation displaying score, time stamps, and if a passing score was reached.

Demo test is designed for student to experience test on professor buddy portal.

Start Demo Test

You choose the course you want to peruse and you click on start test and an instruction page will display do and don'ts of the test.

User Experience

A new window will open when you take the test. Student will experience a fast and fresh test page with all the details mentioned on the tab.

Get the Score

As a student completes the exam he clicks on end test he gets the score and time taken to give the exam.

A sneak preview

Demo test is a sneak preview of the portal, in a demo test the student only gets test score and time taken. To get unlimited test and detailed analytics the student needs to buy a login from the plans and pricing page.

Create login will give you an entry to the buddy dashboard which has many features to explore.

Get your USER ID and Password

Choose a course and go to the plans and pricing page. Select the payment option and obtain your kit online or delivered to your registered address.

Take glimpse of WELCOME KIT

You need to go through the welcome kit so that browsing the website becomes simple and easy.

Create Buddy Profile

After you obtain your login details inside welcome kit go to the website and enter the details in login tab. At your first login you will need to fill up elementary details to complete your profile.

Welcome to buddy Dashboard

You now have complete access to the buddy dashboard. It has lot many features to explore.

Buddy dashboard is the central controlling panel for a student.

Simpler Design

The dashboard is designed in the simplest way and a user friendly layout is created. Navigation made easy!!

User Details

The details about the user entered at the time of registration will appear on the left. The user can edit or update the details as and when required. The user can upload his own picture to create an identity to his dashboard.

7 Unique dashboards Component

The student have 7 different zone included in dashboard which takes care of test and analytics and social component. The dashboard contains test zone , buddy page , challenge zone, my notes, danger vault, analytics lab , certificates.

Test zone is a section where the test of a particular course is listed. Test can be appeared from the test zone.

Take Test

You choose the course you want to peruse and you click on start test and an instruction page will display do and don'ts of the test.

User Experience

A window will open when you take the test. Student will experience a fast and fresh test page with all the details mentioned on the tab.

Get the Score

As a student completes the exam he clicks on end test he gets the score and time taken to give the exam.

View Analytics

The student will be displayed an end test screen and will have a link to view analytics which will direct the user to analytics lab to analyze the test he appeared.

Analytics lab is a area in the dashboard where the student can view test score and complete analytics of test appeared.

It's Different!!

Our superior quality content and its design helps us to provide student with in-depth analysis of all the test assigned for the course.

Chapter /Subject Analysis

All chapter test divided into subjects have analysis based on score, skill and nature of question. They will help the student to improve on daily basis.

Super 10 Analysis

Super 10 series are 10 test designed for CA CPT as per the actual competitive exams with all essential parameters. Analysis of complete test is offered further divided into subject analysis. It is designed in the simplest manner for better understanding.

Comparison Analysis

Comparison analysis is between the buddies of the same batch. Comparison of score, skill, question type subject and section wise is available to create a competitive environment.

One Page Analytics

The name itself says one page, it is a one page precision analytics with an expand collapse feature for students to view the score and accuracy for every super 10 test.

Challenge zone is powered to give buddy power to challenge a buddy of the same batch for a particular test.

Select Test

First step to challenge a buddy is he needs to appear for the test and then he can go to challenge zone and from the view link he can choose buddy to challenge for the same test.

Pending Request

If you challenge a buddy even your buddies can challenge you so pending request tab will have all the challenged request made to you and here you can respond to their challenge. Go for it!!!!!!

Challenge Result

If you challenge a buddy you will be curious what is the result? Who scored better? So the challenge result tab gives you the result of all the challenges you have made to your buddies.

Social element is also a very important part of modern education so here it is - Buddy Page

My wall

It is one wall where you cannot write or post but it will show your recent activity in your profile. It is a wall which will post your test updates, notes section updates and certificates generated status

My Profile

For a social element all your buddies should know about you in detail so my profile will display personal, account, college and general details. Others will know you better...!!!

My Friends

You will like if your batch mate knows you and you know who all are in your batch so here you can find your batch mates and you can view their buddy page. It will show all updates about them.

Manage Account

Any time you need to change personal details about you or you need to add some details to your profile, manage account is where you can edit all the details. Your account password can be changed from manage account option. A place to remember...!!!

Danger Vault a unique feature offered to check your mistakes made again and again.

What is it?

Every test you appear will have some wrong answers and some un attempted questions, you will check it once after the test but here danger vault stores it.

View Question

A selection of subject list is offered which has chapter and super test list. As the student appear chapter test or super test, after completion of the test he can visit danger vault to view all his wrong and un- attempted questions for same test.

Exams are near!!

How to memorise faster when exams are near?? Danger vault makes it possible. To make yourself perfect firstly you need to rectify your mistakes so in danger vault you can read all the wrong and un-attempted questions subject wise and then you can work on you weak areas.

"A must visit to become a star scorer"

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